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About Warkworth

Warkworth is a well established service center 40 minutes drive north of Auckland, New Zealandís largest city, commercial and industrial center.  It services a large area coast to coast, meeting the needs of numerous rural and farming communities.  Resent developments have been large residential developments of rural land adjacent to the beaches and now include some of New Zealandís most desirable beach side environments e.g. Omaha, Snells and Algies.  Ownership of these suburban developments is predominately by older citizens, having chosen to retire by the beach.

 Growth in the Rodney District, particularly in and around Warkworth is the 2nd highest in New Zealand and this is due to its close proximity to Auckland with 25% of the countries population.

Warkworth and its immediate environs includes over 15 sandy white beaches, numerous vineyards, cafes, marine reserves and with the opening in December 1999 of the motorway extension North from Auckland.

Warkworth is an attractive and desirable place to live having retained its rural ambiance and friendly village atmosphere.

It therefore presents a wonderful opportunity for a developer to make good use of this land which as the photos show is close to the shopping center and hard up against existing residential services.

Map of New Zealand

Warkworth North of Auckland