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Basis Of Sale Or Lease

Owner seeks to divest ownership over 2-3 years by either :- 
  1. Leasing Lot 1 on a 999 year lease to Fairhaven Ltd. A company established for the purpose of a Retirement Village. Rental to the freeholder would be a fixed nominal amount (e.g. NZ $20,000 per annum). Shares in Fairhaven Ltd. could be purchased over a 3 year period. This may well qualify as a business investment by a prospective migrant seeking New Zealand residency.
  2. Outright Sale in 2003, with a possible option to purchase prior to 2003 - Price guide N.Z. $1,000,000 + Goods and Services Tax at 12.5% if applicable.
  3. Alternative suggestions for lease or sale and purchase welcomed.